Rated Staff


Currently raising a boy and waiting for a baby girl’s arrival to the world, motherhood is a pure delight to Jessica. Originally from Georgia, her extensive experience as a massage therapist stretches for more than 8 years. She now calls Las Vegas her home.


Gia’s role at the clinic helps them hit two birds with one stone. Meaning, she’s not only a seasoned massage therapist but also a respected health guru. She works on clients to bring back the range of motion to their bodies and applies structural therapy with each of her massages. She is also a personal trainer and a mother of two older sons, both of which inspire her more to take care of her body inside and out.


As the founder of Faithfully Therapeutic, Shannon is very passionate not only about their services but also her staff. Aside from having a harmonious working relationship with them, they all mean the world to her. Her strong faith in God allows her to spread hope and encouragement through the work they do. When not at the clinic, she can be seen hanging out with friends or playing golf with her dad.


Christine may be a devoted wife and a loving mother of two, but she is also the resident hypnotizer at the clinic. She is able to make her clients succumb to a deep Zen state through each and every detailed stroke of her 2-hour massage. Her smile is also one of her best qualities. She can make any room light up even in the gloomiest of days.


Summer is known at the clinic for being a hard-working person. Not only does she work as a teacher at one of the local schools. She also performs the best massage therapies for their clients. And as a former ballet dancer, Summer personally knows the importance of getting a regular massage therapy.


Samantha is the clinic’s “free soul” and always exudes positivity every single day. Through her solid touch and smooth massages, she is able to help her clients relax. She loves her job, motherhood, travelling, and experiencing everything that life has to offer!